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Small Business Network

Small to medium networks

We concentrate our efforts in the small to mid sized market because we believe there is a strong need from our customers for professional and reliable network support. We continually work with Maxim's to provide them with the level of support and direction experienced by larger organizations. We allow our customers to take advantage of today's technology to improve their business.

  • Lowest Rate in Toronto
  • Fax Sharing and Automatic Fax Sending Network
  • Internet Sharing
  • Cable/adsl Internet Access Sharing
  • Internet Access History Log-file System
  • Customer Address Book Sharing
  • File Sharing Server
  • Printer Sharing
  • Cabling for Office
  • PBX(small telephone System)
  • Call Center Network
  • Specified Programming
  • Accounting System Installation
  • Administration System Design and Installation
  • Data Backup And Recover
  • PC Maintenance
  • Copier Maintenance


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