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About Us

Information Technology has become a vital part of the business process. Today companies continue to invest in IT. Believing it is both essential and valuable.
Our aim is to help small and mid-sized organization reach their technology goals.

Real IT is an IT. Services company with a clear difference! Like most IT. Service organizations, our company's foundation is technical excellence. We continuously evaluate and master the technology available. However if we are to fully meet your needs, we need to get to know your business and its goals.

Our focus is simple: We partner with our customers to ensure that technology is deployed, utilized and maintained successfully.

We want to be part of your team! Because we believe the best results come from working together. We offer you all the benefits of having your own IT. Department, without the vast additional costs, giving you the technological and support infrastructure that allows you to focus on your business' core activities.

Real IT has a combination of solutions and flexible packages to meet your needs, ranging from casual support, and project based work to our flagship "teaming" product.

Small to medium networks

We concentrate our efforts in the small to mid sized market because we believe there is a strong need from our customers for professional and reliable network support. We continually work with SME's to provide them with the level of support and direction experienced by larger organizations. We allow our customers to take advantage of today's technology to improve their business.

Guaranteed response time
More and more companies of all sizes depend on their computer networks to run business critical applications: invoicing, ordering, messaging, data entry to name a few. Real IT have the people you need on-hand when you need them, we guarantee a 4 hour maximum response time and in most case we can get there sooner.

Personalized service
We appoint two engineers per site: a primary and a backup engineer. This ensures you always get support from someone who knows your network. Issues are resolved and documented.

Information management
We will create and maintain documentation appropriate for your site. This means our engineers are not only qualified, but they are well informed.


All work carried out is recorded into a database. Customers get detailed job reports.

Technology Lab

Real IT will always recommend the best solution based on what our customers' require. We like to keep ahead of the rest, that's why we've built our own technology lab. Here our engineers learn new software, in a safe environment. Not on your production systems and not on your time. We find out what works and we also search for answer to problems encountered out on the field.

Team Work
We value our staff and the contributions they make to our business as well as difference they make to our clients. We have assembled people who care about their customers and are proactive in their approach to technology. We ensure they are certified and trained to the highest levels in their chosen field of expertise. We offer you peace of mind that comes from knowing the job is done properly every time!


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Our accreditation and experience extends across today's most commonly deployed technologies. We are able to implement and support in the following areas:



P Hubs
P Switches
P Routers
P Bridges
P Frame Relay


P Microsoft Windows 2000/NT
P Microsoft Windows .Net
P Microsoft BackOffice and Small-Business Server
P Novell Netware
P Solaris
P Linux

P Avaya Call Center

Server Applications

P Exchange
P Terminal Server
P Citrix Meta Frame
P Send Mail
P Apache
P Squid
P Lotus Notes & Domino



P Compaq
P Cisco
P Netcomm
P Netgear
P Dlink



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