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Our products are friendly enough for beginner. As long as you know E-mails, you can sell your products online. We will provide intensive training and technical support for you.          >>>>Hotline 416-2656624 cell 647-2958188!!!

  Personal Package  
Personal PackagePersonal Package
We make you Website
Multiple Webpages
Carry HundredsImages
  E-Payment Kit  
E-Payment  Packages E-Payment
We set up E-Payment
Basic Order Form
Secure Order Form
Auto Direct E-Payments
Online Store Package

Online Store Package
8FREE Domain Name +
8Huge Web Spaces +
8Multiple E-mail Addresses +

8Online Store with Products

E-Payment Kit
  Business Package  
Business PackageBusiness Package
We build you Website
FreeCompany Logo
Multiple Webpages
Visa / Master Order Form
  Online Store Package  
Online Store PackageOnline Store Package
We create you E-store
Shipping/Tax Calculations
Visa / Master Order Form
8Auto Merchant
Order Form Submission

Order Form with Security
E-Commerce Solutions
8Search Engines
8Site Promotion
8Internet Merchant Accounts

E-Commerce Solutions:

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization can make people easily find your website. Search Engines can conduct your website in high ranking related to people interests. Search Engine can be optimized by important keywords present in your title, META, URL, internal link and content. Another important keywords can be consider the use of misspelled keywords.
Ref: Search Engine Submission Tips

Site Promotion

Promoting your website can increase your website traffic. There are some ways to promote your website. Your website can offer something for free. The free stuffs can attract your potential customers to create behaviour for visiting your website. Also, You can join a banner exchange program resulting in an opportunity to advertise for free on other sites. Improving your link popularity and get higher rankings by exchanging links with other sites.


E-Marketing can make your website to increase awareness, acquisition, and Retention. There are some strategies to be applied. You can submit your site to search engines, such as Google, MSN, HotBot, About, or LookSmart, and different Directories, such as Yahoo, BuyitCanada, or Both strategies can make your website is easily hit by potential customers. Also, your website can increases your link popularity. Next, Company has benefited from email marketing. Company can use Emails as powerful communication tool by sending out number of newsletters or promotion letters for acquiring new customers.


Paypal is one of popular ways of taking payments on-line. Paypal can offer accounts for individuals and businesses. Next, it can handle transfer of funds from one person to another during customers order online. However, it is required both parties to have an Paypal account.

Internet Merchant Accounts

Internet Merchant Accounts is an business account associated with a bank that allows company to process online credit card payments. In all cases, there is a handling fee or discount rate that will be charged by a bank. Usually, Banks require Security, such as Verisign to ecrypted, protecting customer information against disclosure to third parties. BLUE TECH ENTERPRISE can help you to set up this account. Also, we help you install our AUTO MERCHANT KIT in order to connect your website with Internet Merchant Accounts to provide instant processing of credit card payments on-line.

Domain Name Registeration
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