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Today, the challenge is to create interactive, data driven sites, where-by the content is dictated by the user, not the site and where the information presented to the user matches their exact requirements.

Intelligent Web Management enables dynamic database integration and acquisition to be easily and efficiently incorporated into web pages through intuitive HTML extensions using Cold Fusion, Macromedia Flash and Director or CGI.

Database-driven web applications range from news pages, to membership databases to product catalogs, and can also include powerful searching capabilities if desired.

Creating site content from a database makes your site more up-to-date, more interactive, easier to update and more relevant to the end construct it around any database. We can operate your database on our own servers, or we can link to your existing database to reduce data redundancy and increase productivity.

At Real IT, we deliver powerful database-driven applications that unlock the incredible business potential of the web. But we don't over-complicate the issue. You want control over your web site. You don't want to have to refer to us every time you want to add or modify data. We allow you to update certain sections of your site content without having to code any HTML. So you can add on press releases, promotions and the latest news to keep your site current.

Content Based Applications

  • Content-based applications involve reasonably large amounts of text and image-based information, which would traditionally be implemented using flat HTML pages.
  • Articles can be edited, added and deleted online.
  • Articles become automatically searchable and presentable.
  • Automatic navigation systems ease use of the information.
  • Design integrity is guaranteed.
  • The machine-assisted placement of content in a large information resource is critical to its success, both for the reader and the owner of the information.

Search Based Applications

Search-based applications involve an information resource, which is accessed by the user after some kind of search activity. Some classic examples are:

  • Search Engines and Web Directories.
  • Catalog and Inventories (Online Shopping).
  • Help databases, newspapers, press release archives.
  • Membership Directories.
  • For online technical support, publishing and press information, one-stop publication and editing integrates with automatic search ability and achievability of the database-driven content site.

Interaction Based Applications

Interaction-based applications involve some level of interaction between reader and the information, often including an overt or underlying change in the information by the reader. Examples include:

  • Online Games, Quizzes and Questionnaires.
  • News and Message Posting systems and online communities.
  • Online Commerce, Retail and Catalog Systems
  • Databases are invaluable here as they automate the behavior of the system and often provide visitor-tailored responses.

Management Applications

Management applications allow owners to interact with visitors and their sites. Examples would include:

  • Online Commerce - Order Tracking
  • Answering Queries and running Help Desks.
  • Managing Currency Rates and Charges

Database are crucial to these functions as they allow owners to drill quickly down to the customer details or variables they wish to access,with no webmaster time used.

And all this you can get to an affordable price, programmed by the best programmers can offer and overviewed and controlled by European professionals.


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